New Client Appointment: Psychological Intake & Assessment

Therapy creates positive changes in your life as you learn new skills to increase awareness of emotions, let go of unwanted behaviors, challenge limiting thoughts and beliefs, improve communication in relationships, and better cope with the stresses that daily life presents. Psychotherapy and art therapy may be used in conjunction with your treatment plan to support you on the path to healing.

At your first appointment, please complete the New Client Intake paperwork and provide your insurance information (if applicable). Elizabeth will review the intake with you, discussing her approach and policies, including confidentiality and consent for treatment. At this time, you may share your concerns and ask questions. Then, working collaboratively, Elizabeth will discuss with you appropriate treatment options and design a customized treatment plan centered on helping you reach your personal healing goals.

New Client appointments are 60-75 minutes. New Client intake forms may be found on our Insurance page.

Returning Clients: Psychotherapy Visit

Following the first appointment, subsequent counseling sessions will be scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Your treatment plan is individualized and based on your personal goals and availability. Elizabeth is sensitive to the busy and demanding lives of her clients, and will work closely with you to design a treatment schedule that is manageable.

Return Psychotherapy appointments are 50-60 minutes.

Please visit the Appointments page for more information. To schedule your appointment, call (425) 406-7373 or email Elizabeth.